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Concentrate on growth and we will cover the rest. International payroll, hr, compliance, benefits and taxes in One Place.

Our clients

Lerio allows businesses of all sizes to optimize HR processes and use all the benefits related with remote work space.


Effective way to manage HR processes remotely

Why Lerio
  • No need to register a company in a new region
  • No need to have thorough understanding of laws and taxes
  • No need to overpay a local accountant
  • No need to overpay for local HR service
  • Fixed rates will help keeping to the budget
  • The employees in the region are socially protected with a pension, taxes, etc.
  • No VAT
  • Saving money
Why Lerio
Source, Hire and Manage

All-in-One HR Platform for Remote teams

Find suitable candidates or onboard your own employees, run payroll and get insights and all analytics to stay informed 24/7.

Colin Lee
Chief People Officer
QBS Technology Group

Using Lerio platform allowed us to optimize our HR processes and become more effective when it comes to hiring and managing our remotely working teams.

Jennifer Doherty
JSD HR Consulting

With the newfound comfort level of employing people remotely, many of my clients want the freedom to hire anywhere, without the regulatory and tax headaches of establishing payroll in a remote jurisdiction. Lerio makes it possible to have the best of both Worlds. It is worth every penny to not have to worry about having the freedom to hire the best candidate, no matter where they are located!

Choose the rate that suits your business

1-5 employees
10% / of monthly payroll
MIN 249 €/$ per employee
MAX 649 €/$ per employee
7,5% / of monthly payroll
MIN 249 €/$ per employee
MAX 649 €/$ per employee
Do you need more than 15+ employees?